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FiX Solutions for your iPhones

We offer repair and replacement for all range of iPhones in the market. We are proud to offer repair services In Your Face! Let’s face it. Accidents happen unannounced, I know, it is sad but true. But you know what? We can iPhonefix it. In your Face. We have original replacement screens so that your iPhone is as good as new.

Cracked Screen / Broken LCD

Let’s face it. Accidents happen unannounced, I know, it is sad but true. But you know what? We can iPhonefix it. In your Face. We have original replacement screens so that your iPhone is as good as new. If you notice your LCD appear grey lines or dead pixel, it is a sign your LCD has a problem. On some occasions after water intrusion there will be backlight loss issues as well. This is when you call to get your iPhonefix!

LCD replacement is available and replacement takes 30 mins.


Water Damage

We provide ultrasonic deep chemical wash to knock off the minerals and salts that seats on your board. These impurities cause short circuits. Corrosion is also to be expected. If your iPhone still has warranty but you have already gone to a service provider such as Apple/Maxis/Celcom/Digi, we are able to help you with our 100% Money Back Guarantee magic option. Do visit us and let us know your problem (for warranty advice, SMS and telephone calls will not be entertained). We have guided our customers through the maze and have so far achieved a very a 99.99% success rate EVEN though your warranty have lapse! Let’s put it this way, if ALL else fail, we will offer you a reasonable market price for your broken down iPhone! Thats what we mean by total solution. You will always feel satisfied choosing us!


Putting it in rice is the biggest joke. Water contains minerals and salts, when dried it short circuits the board. Water DO not go well with electronic components. Rice is not able to absorbed water INSIDE the iPhone!Even if your iPhone is working fine, we guarantee you that the components will slowly BUT surely breakdown one by one or altogether.

Our competitors offer hairdryer treatment to help the minerals and salt dry faster and damage your iPhone faster? AND what is worse, YOU are expected to pay for it! We offer Money Back Guarantee for iPhones with warranty. Don’t take our word for it, check our testimonials in our Facebook Group and read for yourself!

Wifi Problems

Another of the many common problems of iPhone users faced is Wi-Fi connectivity. A further diagnosis is needed to assess the level of the problem. Repairs or Replacements are available, depending on the diagnosis results.

Home Button

Over time, buttons can become non responsive after a while. This is due to heavy usage or oxidisation. Physical loss of buttons like the Volume, Mute, Power and Home buttons can also be replaced with our Genuine parts. If this happens to your iPhone, it is time to get it fixed. Repairs and replacements of such are available and it takes only 5 – 30 minutes to repair.

Battery Problems / Replacement

When it comes to iPhone batteries, iPhone 4 users is advice to consult service providers such as Apple (QCD) or Apple/Maxis/Celcom/Digi if faced with battery problems. They will most likely replace your old with a new iPhone 4. Please understand that refurbished iPhones are not that scary as they are made up to be. They still have to go through the mandatory quality control check for every new iPhone that goes out of the factory!

iOS Jailbreak / Unlocking

Many misunderstand jailbreaking as illegal. DCMA in America has ruled that it is not illegal to jailbreak. Jailbreaking basically gives you full access to the iPhone you bought. We do not encourage pirating of games and applications.