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Lunch Hours : ” When we get the chance to run out and eat… hehe”


We FiX Your iPhones

We offer repair and replacement for all range of iPhones in the market. We are proud to offer repair services In Your Face! Let’s face it. Accidents happen unannounced, I know, it is sad but true. But you know what? We can iPhonefix it. In your Face. We have original replacement screens so that your iPhone is as good as new.


We FiX Your iPads

We offer repair & replacement services on your iPad we provide this services for all range of iPads in the market. Walk in to our Centre and we can help you diagnose the problem on your device.

We FiX Your
MacBooks & iMacs

Now we can FiX your MacBooks & iMacs. Contact our technician Charles 016 2666612 or bring your machine to our repair centre. We will diagnose your machine and make the necessary repairs and replacements. We do a full range of repair for MacBooks & iMacs.


iPhoneFiX on News

Menurut Halmi, kedai membaiki telefon pintar lain di luar sekurang-kurangnya akan mengenakan caj bayaran memeriksa kerosakan telefon pintar sebanyak RM50 kepada pelanggan. Ditanya sambutan pelanggan, katanya, sejak mula sehingga hari ini pelanggan tidak putus-putus berkunjung ke premisnya.

Mr.iPhoneFiX It

Halmi fixes faulty gadgets, in particular iPhones, iPads and iPods. His services range from simple chores like fixing cracked screens and broken LCDs, to more complex ones like repairing faulty buttons, damage due to contact with liquids, and WiFi connectivity issues.

iPhoneFiX on Media

iPhoneFiX goes live on media, they were interviewed on a show called Bella on NTV 7. Here they talk about how mobile is important to user and what are user’s reaction when their phone malfunctions. iPhoneFiX talks about solutions and precautions to be taken when your phone malfunctions.